Monday, December 22, 2008

Selling Chryslers in Kansas

There are many indicators of overall economic health. On could look at the A2P2 Spread, LIBOR rates, 3-month treasuries, or the VIX. But there might be a better one, right here under my nose.

I live in Kansas City, a place Dennis Gartman says is a fantastic indicator of the health of the overall economy. We have a balanced economy here, some technology, some agriculture, some transportation, some energy. And Gartman says that he loves to ride with Kansas City cabbies because they will tell him (based on how busy they are) which direction the domestic economy is headed.

Maybe there is another indicator - a Chrysler flagged dealership going long 50 new Chrysler units. Yep, they are upbeat in Kansas (except when referring to the Chiefs).

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