Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Microsoft Tag - Updated Monday Evening

Inventory Tagging has just gotten much easier.

Check this technology out to track tanks in the field. You can print off tags from your home/office computer and drivers can access data about them while they are at the customer's location by scanning the tag with their cell phone camera.

Simply amazing!!!

As a post script, I tried this program today at the Auto Auction. It is a remarkable technology. I generated a tag on my laptop in about 3 minutes. The tag pointed to a website where more information could be found on a particular vehicle. I printed the tag and then took a picture of it with my Blackberry camera. Within 5 seconds, my Blackberry's Internet browser was on the website that I had programmed into the tag.

For just a moment, imagine your delivery drivers knowing the customer history of the tank they were getting ready to deliver into. When was it filled last, what was the price, what type of pricing program is the customer on....whether the customer has an active GasCheck test on can all be imbedded in that tag, and available on a driver's cell phone.

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