Saturday, January 31, 2009

Two Great Web Resourses for Learning and Research

Here are two great resources for learning and growth. The first is It offers streaming video of full lectures from colleges all over the nation (Stanford, Harvard, Yale) in all different types of classes. If you need to learn cost accounting - it is there. If you want to brush up on Plato's Republic it is there, too (in a two part series!).

Now the world is flatter and more democratic than ever as it regards the disemination of learning. Here is a lecture on venture capital from the Yale business school. The guest lecturer is one of the co-founders of the Blackstone Group, Steven Schwarzman.

The second website is

Scribd is a website where folks can post presentations, annual reports, and letters to share with the viewing public. Scrbd works best with stuff that is hard to find for the average joe - stuff that you had to have a reason to get and is not originally meant for publication to the widest internet audience. Here is a great piece on the Canadian Tar Sands.

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