Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shift Happens, Part II

I posted the first version of this video a few months ago - it is a great eye-opener as you consider the demographic shift that the world is undergoing. Frequent readers of this blog know that I do all I can to keep up with what is going on in IndoChina - the economies of India and China are the real driving force behind the cost effectiveness of the future of hydrocarbon energy.

Here are some bullets from the video:
  • India has more honors students (figured as top 25% of the class) than we have students.
  • China will be the largest English speaking country in the world soon.
  • If we shipped every single job in the US to to China it would still have a labor surplus.

Further, here is an article from the NY Times regarding economic stimulus, Chinese style. Hundreds of billions of dollars being spent on infrastructure...roads, railways, concrete and steel.

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