Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pseudo-Year In Review

As a fledgling member of the "media," I felt compelled to do a year-in-review piece. Thank goodness I didn't, as the "Goodbye 2008" pieces are only slightly less numerous than the "Hello 2009" pieces. I have linked to several on the sidebar, and here are two that I particularly enjoyed.

The first is the "Year in [Big] Pictures." The Boston Globe has a Big Picture blog where large format pictures from around the world are posted. Some of them help develop a story that is in the headlines, some celebrate the world's many cultures, and some are just plain cool. Here are three posts, each with 40 large format pictures celebrating 2008. [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part3]

The second is Dave Barry's Year in Review - the whole thing is worth a read if you are looking for a chuckle, but here is a sample (his recap of the month of June) to encourage you to make the jump.


. . . Obama finally claims the bitterly contested Democratic nomination when Clinton, behind on delegates and in debt to the tune of $25 million, including $9 million for hairspray alone, suspends her campaign and declares that she has "no hard feelings" and will do "whatever it takes" to help Obama get elected, "even though he is scum." Bill Clinton, at his wife's side, nods vigorously, but is unable to speak because of the restraining device. A gracious McCain tells the press that he "looks forward to a spirited debate with Senator Mondale." Before he can take questions, he is informed by his aides that he has an important meeting.

In economic news, Chrysler announces a plan to lay off workers who have not been born yet. The lone economic bright spot is the iPhone, which is selling like crazy thanks to the release of a new model enhanced with the capability of sucking pieces of your brain out through your ear until all you want to do is play with your iPhone.

Tiger Woods, in an epic performance, wins the US Open playing on an injured and very painful knee, thereby proving, beyond all doubt, that golf is not a real sport.

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